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Why Does My Beagle Shed So Much?


Beagles have short, thick, and tightly packed coats. They are moderate-shedding breeds who shed to remove any old, extra or damaged hair. During winter, Beagle’s coats grow thicker and denser, thus, they tend to shed quite a lot.

It is important to brush your beagle’s coat regularly to get rid of shedded and loose hair. This is because, during shedding, some of the hairs do not fall to the ground.

They fall back into the coat. Regular brushing means you’re always there to help your dog get rid of these loose hairs.

Such factors are your environment, coat care and diet can account for your beagle’s coat health and rate of shedding.

You can however control shedding with proper, consistent, and effective grooming. Let’s get into the article to discover more about beagles’ shedding.

How Frequently Do Beagles Shed?

It is trite knowledge that there are two sizes of the beagle breed, namely, the standard size and the pocket size. Aside from the difference in their size, the two are the same in all other aspects, including how often they shed.

Beagles are moderate to heavy shedders. Every day of the year, your beagle sheds, albeit very moderately.

During shedding season, however, beagles tend to be very heavy shedders and can shed off their entire coat in only a couple of weeks. At this point, it is important to make time to groom your beagle friend many times a week.

What Seasons Do Beagles Shed The Most?

Spring and winter are the shedding seasons for dogs. Starting winter, your beagle will shed its summer coat to make way for the winter coat, which is usually heavy. Once spring is approaching, it will shed its heavy winter coat to allow for light-weighted ones for spring.

Beagles’ hairs are medium in terms of length unlike other longer-haired breeds and as such your beagle’s shedding process may not be apparent. Yet, your household and attires will never be hair-free.

Some Causes Of Excessive Shedding

Although we’ve said that beagles are medium to heavy shedders that shed a lot, there may be other instances of extreme shedding and the following can be some reasons for that:

1. Stress

When your beagle is stressed, it can cause it to lose more hair than usual. Something terrifying might have happened at home to cause it anxiety or panic and as such your dog is under stress.

This will cause it to shed more than usual. Thus, if you realize that your beagle friend is shedding more than usual, you should be mindful of your home, making sure nothing is causing your dog to be stressed.

2. Skin Infection and Allergies

Another reason your dog is shedding so much may be that it has got some underlying skin infections, as beagles are naturally predisposed to skin allergies. If such an infection is left untreated for an extended period, it could lead to itchiness causing yeast and bacterial infection.

Beagles have sensitive skin and commonly suffer from environmental, seasonal, and food-related allergies, causing dandruff, rashes, hot spots, and other skin irritations. Any sign of patchy, thinning fur or hair loss should be checked over by a vet to determine the cause.

3. Your Environment

Where you live could also affect how frequent your beagle sheds. Beagles’ shedding is based on the temperature in relation to the season of the year. So, for instance, artificial lightning and heat can affect your beagle’s shedding cycle.

Your continual use of the heating system in your home may misinform your dog on what season of the year it is and may end up shedding its winter coat in winter, leaving it cold.

What you need to do to prevent this is to regularly take your dog out on a walk, so it can familiarize itself with the environment and the weather. This ensures proper regulation of the shedding cycle.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance, commonly from thyroid disorders and adrenal gland deficiencies, can also lead to hair loss in your beagle. This is why it is vital to take your dog to the vet regularly.

5. Diet

This is a key factor contributing to either normal or excessive hair loss in beagles. If you feed your dog foods that lack the required nutrients for the health of dogs, your dog’s coat may not be as healthy as it needs to be.

A lot of people just feed their dog’s standard kibble from the store. This food can be cheap, but also harmful to your Beagle and other dogs.

The reason is, that cheap kibble like this lacks some key nutrients your dog needs to keep a healthy and shiny coat. Which, in turn, leads your dog to shed more of its fur than normal.

Feed your dog a meat-rich diet as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. This gives your beagle a strong and resilient coat, subsequently reducing shedding. Always talk to your vet if you are not sure what the best foods are for your beagle friend.

Ways To Reduce Shedding In Your Beagle

1. Brushing

One of the best ways to reduce shedding in your beagle is to regularly brush its coat. Being medium to heavy shedders, beagles are always shedding and while most of the loose hairs fall off, some do remain on the coat.

This is why you must regularly brush its coat to catch the loose hairs on the brush instead of them messing up your home.

Brushing also stimulates blood flow on the surface of the skin, as well as spreading your beagle’s natural coat oils around.

Spend not less than 15 minutes brushing your beagle’s hair. They love to be pampered and this is a great way for you to bond with your friend.

2. Proper Diets and Supplements

What you put on your pet’s plate is literally shaping his body, and that includes the coat too. The right food plays a drastic role in preventing shedding problems. High-quality, nutritious food is always a must when it comes to prevention.

Lack of dietary fat can also lead to excess shedding in your beagle. Dietary fat supplements are given to dogs that lack omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. Foods such as fish oil, salmon (fatty fish) and flaxseed are all rich in omega -3 and can maintain a shiny and healthy coat in beagles.

You can also give your dog biotin if your beagle has skin or coat issues. According to clinical studies, 91% improvement has been recorded in dogs that take biotin. Nonetheless, you should always contact your vet before giving your dog any supplements.

3. Use Appropriate Deshedding Products

You need the appropriate equipment for the task if you want to get the most out of brushing him.

There are several brush and grooming equipment varieties, but not all of them are suitable for every dog or coat. We recommend one daily brush and one deshedding tool for the beagle.

A pin or slicker brush will work best on a beagle’s coat. You will use this brush throughout the entire year. It keeps his coat looking fresh and lustrous while gently brushing through any dead hair.

You will also require assistance from a deshedding tool during shedding seasons. By gently scraping the undercoat through the top layer, deshedding tools operate. This will assist his undercoat in getting rid of the jacket from the previous season.

Use the regular brush to remove the extra hair that has been removed after you have raked him over.

4. Know Your Beagle’s Allergies

Once you are aware of the source of your beagle’s random scratching, you swear to get rid of it. Visit the vet with your pet to check for allergies, so you can help your furry buddy avoid the things that make him itch.

Your beagle might itch from fleas occasionally. Utilize bioproducts to stop and eradicate the infestation.

5. Regular Cleaning and Vacuuming

After brushing, vacuuming frequently is probably the best strategy to control the amount of dog hair in the house. The best vacuums are those created expressly to remove dog hair and have attachments made for cleaning up fur.

Consider a robot vacuum that has a docking station that can automatically empty its contents if you would love to have one. Given how much hair a beagle sheds, robot vacuums typically have a fairly small chamber that will quickly become full.

6. Regular Vet Visits

The greatest way to prevent diseases is to be aware of what is happening with your pet’s body.

Without any shedding on the outside, some cases begin inside the body. On the coat, others are initially discernible.

Have your dependable veterinarian examine your beagle frequently. This benefits both the health of the fur and the general well-being of your beagle.

Can I Shave My Beagle To Reduce Shedding?

No. The majority of dogs have coats for excellent reasons. A beagle’s natural defence mechanism, which was created to control its body temperature, would be eliminated if its coat is shaved, therefore this is not a healthy choice for them.

Shaving would also be pointless because beagles constantly produce new hair, making it impossible to control their shedding.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers;

How do I stop my Beagle from shedding?

The most effective and straightforward way to manage his shedding is to establish a regular brushing routine. But by looking at his diet, his shampoo, and adding supplements, if necessary, it will allow you to reduce your Beagle’s shedding as much as Beagle-ly possible.

How often should beagles be bathed?

Beagles should get a bath every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their coat clean and remove the odor.

Bathing them more than that can cause dry skin and damaged their fur. Beagle puppies can get a bath every 4 to 6 weeks once they are older than ten weeks. Make sure to use a puppy shampoo and dry them properly with a hairdryer.

Do beagles malt all year?

Although Beagles are family dogs, daily maintenance is a priority. They shed moderately all year round—more heavily at the start of springtime and autumn when they lose their winter or summer coats. Therefore, the amount of unwanted hair scattered around the home and on your clothes may be a problem.

Last Words

There are a few possible causes for your Beagle’s excessive shedding. We hope the tips we provided above helped you come up with a solution or an idea. To get the ideal guidance, you should always speak with your neighbourhood veterinarian if you are still concerned.

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