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When To Neuter A French Bulldog


In this detailed guide, we will be treating  the topic ”when to neuter a French bulldog” after getting it from a trustworthy local breeder. This article gives all the insights you need to successfully neuter your Frenchie.

By spaying your Frenchie, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis. Millions of healthy dogs are euthanized in the United States each year simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around.

Neutering French Bulldogs is a routine procedure that should be done with the assistance of a professional. To execute a castration, you must first understand the procedure’s benefits, hazards, and optimal timing.

As previously said, neutering your French Bulldog requires a specialist’s assistance, necessitating general anesthesia; therefore, the veterinarian must handle any anesthesia-related discomfort.

There are several horror stories and debates surrounding Frenchie’s castration. Male French Bulldogs are neutered, and females are spayed.

You must get to know your dog and do what you think is best for him. Get some expert assistance and ask the questions you need to make the best decision possible.

When to Neuter your Frenchie?

The best age to neuter a French Bulldog tends to be between 4 and 9 months, while the puppy is still in the adolescent phase.

Vets recommend neutering before sexual maturity can have multiple health and behavioral benefits.

Your dog must be old enough and mature enough to handle the surgery. Your French Bulldog’s skeletal and muscular development must be complete.

How much does it cost to neuter a French Bulldog?

Neutering costs will vary wildly depending on the vet, location, and whether your Frenchie’s testicles are descended into the normal position.

Although costs vary based on your specific vets, the average UK and US prices for a French Bulldog to be neutered are as follows:

Average neutering cost in the UK: £150 to £200.

Average neutering cost in the US: $125 to $175.

Suppose you are in the UK and receive benefits such as Universal Credit. In that case, you are entitled to free or primarily subsidized healthcare under organizations like PDSA.

If you reside in the United States and cannot afford the cost of neutering your Frenchie, then look at the Humane Society’s website. There’s a list of possible options, including charities and shelters that can help.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Neutering Your French Bulldog

As with any medical procedure, some advantages and disadvantages can influence or profit your French Bulldog.


Some researchers argue that neutering French Bulldogs decreases aggressive and challenging behavior. Searching for a companion, territorial marking (urinating), fleeing away, and sexual behavior are all examples of undesirable behavior (wanting to fuck with objects or legs).

Aggression And Defense

Neutered French Bulldogs will continue to guard their owners as they did in the past.

Advantages to your health

Spaying and neutering your dog can help prevent health issues, including prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Prevent unintended pregnancies

Although natural breeding and mating are difficult for French Bulldogs, this technique will prevent undesired and unexpected litters.

Prolonged life expectancy

Neutered Frenchies enjoy a longer lifespan than non-neutered dogs, according to studies.


It is a costly treatment.

A French Bulldog is a costly pet. If you want to neuter him, speak with your veterinarian about your alternatives.

It is unlikely that behavior will alter.

Neutering may not always cure problem behaviors, and it won’t always work. And some business owners claim that troublesome behaviors don’t change once they’ve become regular.

Bone development may be affected.

Some studies have shown early neutering to influence bone formation in larger dogs. Even though there is no research on the castration of French Bulldogs, you should discuss your concerns with your veterinarian.

Is Neutering Your French Bulldog Going To Help It Relax?

If hormones cause your Frenchie’s troublesome behavior, neutering will help.

What Can You Expect Once Your Frenchie Has Been Neutered?

Your veterinarian will educate you on a postoperative treatment plan and what to expect after neutering.

Your dog could have a cone around his neck to prevent bacteria from getting into the wounds.

This surgery may cause the French Bulldog to lose its appetite, but it should return to normal after a few days.

The scrotal region will flatten with time, and instead of the two testicles he had, it will resemble a flap of skin.

Physical exertion should be limited for a few days to allow the incision and stitches to heal.

Will neutering a bulldog calm him down?

Aggression and dominance may come instinctively to some Bulldogs. These behaviors have been bred out over time, but some may still retain the tendency to be aggressive. If your Bulldog has aggression tendencies, neutering may help him calm down.

How can I help my dog feel more comfortable after spaying or neutering?

Following your dog’s surgery, help them rest and feel as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips if you’re wondering how to comfort a dog who may be in pain after neutering:

  • Have a quiet place for your dog to rest and recover indoors, away from other animals.
  • Put your dog in a cone (Elizabethan collar) or postoperative jumpsuit (recovery suit) to prevent them from licking the incision site. Licking the incision may transfer bacteria and cause infection.
  • Check the incision site daily to confirm the incision is healing well and that there are no signs of infection.
  • For two weeks after the spay or neuter surgery, prevent your pet from jumping or running.
  • Follow your vet’s advice about physical activity following the procedure, since further restrictions may be required for your dog.
  • Contact your vet if you notice any discharge, swelling, or redness at the surgery site or if the incision opens. Also, call your vet if your dog has diarrhea, begins vomiting, stops eating, or seems lethargic.

Collated Opinions on the best time to neuter your Frenchie

Below are some comments from people on the best time to neuter your French Bulldog.

“My sister’s Frenchie was 9 months old when she got him. She had him neutered just a couple of days later, as his attempted mounting made her spayed female dogs freak out!”

“I had my boy do at 6 months, the best thing I did. He’s now such a chilled-out boy, and it seemed to calm him down. He’s got a lovely temperament.”

“Getting a dog neutered before he is fully grown can be detrimental to his health and doesn’t always solve behavioral problems. He’s growing up, and his hormones are kicking in, hence the humping. It may be a bit annoying or embarrassing, but it’s kind of what they do!”

“In my opinion, getting your Frenchie neutered is best and could help to calm. It can also prevent some cancers; it is best to speak with your vet or vet nurse, who will advise you on the best route.”

“As dog owns for decades, we also say get him neutered. It makes a massive difference, and your Frenchie will be more settled and less preoccupied with humping other dogs or items.”

“My boy loved being neutered. Not at first; he hated me for a couple of days. But after that, he finally started to play fetch with the other dogs and loves running around, which he didn’t before.”

“Getting him neutered will not help behavior; training helps behavior. Dogs hump for lots of reasons. Do some research. Solid structured training is a big help.”

“My vet said it’s best not to neuter because neutered dogs have way more health issues. I, however, did neuter my boy because he humped everything non-stop. The humping stopped, but it did not call him down one bit. ”


Adolescence, between 4 and 9 months of age, is the optimal time to neuter your French Bulldog.

Experts suggest that neutering your Frenchie will have numerous health benefits, but the decision is ultimately up to the owner. Consult your veterinarian for further information on neutering.

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