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What Size Harness for Labrador Puppy


Puppies tend to grow so fast that it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy a Labrador puppy a collar. For simple reasons, most dog owners prefer to use a harness over a collar.

Since a Labrador grows so fast, the collar wouldn’t fit them because eventually, a collar would cause tension around your dog’s neck.

For a puppy, a harness is a lot better because they are a lot safer and offers more control. This is because a harness distributes pressure across the upper body of your Labrador, and this reduces the strain it comes with.

Labrador retrievers are spirited dog breeds, and they tend to need a lot more attentive care. Due to their pulling nature or tendency to pull a lot, it is best to use a harness rather than a collar.

What Are the Advantages of Harness

Fewer injuries: As discussed earlier, it’s advisable to choose the harness over a collar since there would be fewer injuries because the harness distributes the pressure across the upper body of the Labrador instead of his neck.

In this case, anytime your Labrador tends to pull the leash, it would not hurt or cause injuries. However, train your dog not to pull on the leash.

Enhance space error: You need to keep an eye on your dog if they are in a collar since they tend to grow faster. However, if your dog grows out of the harness for some reason, it won’t put its neck under any strain because a harness outgrows more quickly than a collar.

What Is the Proper Size for A Labrador Retriever?

Due to their rapid growth, your Labrador baby collar would only fit for a short. To be able to fit enough, it is best to get your puppy a collar that would be 9 inches long.

When Is the Right Time to Harness Your Puppy?

It would be a good step if you got your puppy to wear a harness as soon as possible. This idea is to get your puppy used to wear a harness, and you wouldn’t need to use any lead discipline at all in the beginning.

The Size Harness for an 8-Week Puppy

It is acceptable to put a harness on your eight-week puppy, but make sure it is not too heavy or uneasy for your Labrador and ensure that the harness doesn’t have large loops that could get him stuck on a couch while he grows.

Recommended Size for My Labrador

It is important to note that every puppy is unique when determining its proper harness size for a Labrador puppy.

However, it is necessary to measure the girth of your puppy due to the reason that some puppies are healthier, unlike others. It is preferable to get adjustable straps for your Labrador because it is durable when your dog goes through rapid growth.

What Is Your Dog’s Response

Most dog owners prefer to embed their dogs’ names on their collars, while others think it would be an easy target for thieves, so they prefer not to write their names on it.

However, most dogs are microchipped, which makes claiming ownership easy for dog owners.


Having a harness on your Labrador does not serve a purpose in their lives. It serves as a means of identification. Always learn how to train your Labrador to wear a harness safely.

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