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What Crate Size For A Golden Retriever?


Once you get your golden retriever puppy home, it’s time to decide whether you’re going to need a crate or not and what size will be appropriate.

You can either choose to let your dog enjoy the freedom of roaming in your home space, or get a crate for it.

Depending on the size of your dog, you should get a crate that will be comfortable enough for it. Mind you, your dog will not be a puppy forever, so you will have to get a crate bigger than its current size.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Need A Crate?

Your golden retriever will need a crate for two important reasons; to aid in potty training and to keep your puppy safe.

Golden retrievers do not like to potty where they sleep, so keeping them in a crate really does help with potty training since they’ll keep it in until they are in the appropriate place.

Also, it helps to keep them safe. Imagine an instance where everyone is busy in the house, not paying attention to where your retriever puppy is or what it is doing, the outcome may not be fortunate as your puppy could be up to something that will endanger it. So, once it is in a crate, you’re certain your puppy is safe.

Crating Vs Not Crating Your Retriever


Whereas there may be some belief that crating your dog limits their freedom and makes them feel isolated, it actually gives them some sense of security. This, though, is dependent on how well you trained your puppy on crating.

If the training was done properly, your dog should see his crate as a safe, secure spot rather than confinement or some isolation tool by its owner.

This is why it is important to crate-train your dog with lots of positive reinforcement so they come to love their crate and even come to see it as their bedroom.

Not Crating

There are some owners and even organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that argue that putting your dog in a crate hinders their freedom of movement and even prevents them from easing themselves.

Rather, they recommend that dog owners have someone around in their absence, so the dog continues to be on good behaviour.

At the end of the day, the choice is really yours.

What Crate Size Is Appropriate For A Golden Retriever?

A crate size of 42’ is recommended for golden retrievers. As you know, your dog will not be a puppy forever. They rather grow quickly, so you need a crate that will last longer and still be comfortable for your retriever. A crate with a divider is recommended.

You also do not want to get a crate that is too big, as your puppy may be too comfortable even to consider peeing on one side of it and sleeping on the other side.

Some Top Crates For Golden Retrievers

Frisco Double Door Crate

Frisco’s double-door folding door crate is one of the excellent dog crates you can get for your golden retriever.

This is best if you’re looking to save money as it comes with an optional divider as well as in different sizes.

This is also a safe option for your puppy because the edges of the exterior are rounded. Some of its other features are that it is budget-friendly, has a durable wire construction, it is easy to assemble and comes with an easy-to-clean plastic pan.

Frisco Soft Sided Enclosure

If you are not one for wire or plastic crates, Frisco’s 3-door folding soft crate could be an ideal option for you. This can be a really homey ‘bedroom’ for your retriever puppy.

The transparent mesh at the crate’s front allows your dog to breath properly and see what’s around it. It is also easy to transport as you can fold it into a small size. It comes with a removable cover, so you can clean it, although it sometimes proves difficult.

Another setback with this crate is that if your dog is a bigger breed and also doesn’t like to be crated, it can easily chew its way out of it.

Some notable features include that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is soft-sided, it has three-zipped doors, has meshed windows for airflow and really great for travelling.

Frisco Heavy Duty Ultimate Care

When it comes to heavy-duty crates, the Frisco heavy-duty ultimate care crate tops the list, given its durability.

It can also top the list for most expensive as heavy-duty crates are really costly, yet, is very strong and comes with a lock that your retriever would have a hard time breaking. With its removable tray, it is easy to clean. It is also easy to move from one point to another because of its wheels.

Some notable features include its tough exterior, 22-gauge steel, welded stress points, dual locking latches and single-point entry. It has a hammer tone finish and is perfect for anxious dogs.

The Precision Pet Wire Crate

The Precision Pet Wire Crate measures 42” L x 30” W x 28” H and comes with high-quality two doors. It has a removable divider as well as a slide-out tray for easy cleaning.

It can be folded into a width of 2 inches, and this makes it easy to store or to even travel with. Some notable features include a rounded, smooth corner for the safety of your retriever, and the entire crate is coated with a rust-resistant finish.

Paws and Pals Folding Metal Crate

This dog crate measures 42” L x 27” W x 30” H. It is affordable and durable wire crate with a slide-out under tray for easy cleaning.

It has both a side and front door with a strong lock that would be difficult for your retriever to break.

Some of its notable features include its durable steel wire construction, electro coating to prevent rusting, foldable design, and it is easy to assemble.

The New World Folding Metal Crate

The new world folding metal crate is quite popular among dog crates and has got some high ratings.

It measures 42” L x 30” W x 28” H which can be can folded flat for easy storage or travel. As with most crates, it comes with a slide-out, leak-proof under-tray for easy cleaning and features a double latch system with two latches for each door.

There are options for a single or a double door model. The choice is all yours. And oh, there is one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

You Should Not Crate Your Dog For Too Long

If you decide to crate your dog, make sure you are not overdoing it, as your dog might take this as rejection and isolation.

Right from crate training, you should not leave your dog in there for more than a few minutes at a time, as some owners have been found to leave their retrievers in their crates for over 30 minutes.

This will not help with the social development of your dog. Golden retrievers love to be around people, so a few minutes in there is fine, and you can try to feed him in there sometimes.

This will help your dog feel comfortable with his crate and may even prefer to spend his nights in there.

Crating Your Retriever At Night

Once your retriever is comfortable being in there during the day, you might want it to start using it during the night too.

In order for your dog not to feel isolated, you should start by placing the crate close to your bed. This way, you can hear if it is making any sounds of discomfort.

After three nights you can take it further away, just not too fat. You want the process to be gradual. Do this until the crate is finally in a spot where you actually want it.

In all, makes sure the crate is comfortable enough for your dog to sleep in.

Final Words

The decision whether to crate your dog solely lies with you, although it is recommended you do so, especially if it’s a new puppy.

You should choose a comfortable size for your retriever with a 42” crate coming in recommended.

There are different types of crates available on sale, all coming in different shapes and sizes. Choose which one best suit your environment and lifestyle.

Nonetheless, do not crate your dog for too long at a time. Mind you, your golden retriever loves to be in your company most of the time. Crating your dog at night should be gradual as well, so it doesn’t feel isolated at once.

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