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Qualities Of A Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers, is a name that is very popular among dog lovers, especially in the United States and yes, it is for very good reasons. These are very smart, loyal dogs and the perfect fit for families.

Their friendly, tolerant nature makes them even better fits. These gems love to maintain their fun-loving puppy attitudes and signature smile into adulthood.

And yes, they live up to their names; they love to fetch items! Everyone loves golden retrievers. We’ll look at some superb qualities of these dogs that make them so attractive. First, let’s look at how they came about.

History Of A Golden Retriever

Of course, many prospective golden retriever owners will want to know the historic background of your golden retriever or if you’re new to dogs and are seeking to own a retriever, this will interest you.

It is as well important to know where our golden retrievers came from, so we can understand where we are today. Generally speaking, history, as we all agree, does play a relevant role in our present world.

Now, history has it that Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland, in 1868, wanted to create a hunting dog that could retrieve shot-down birds from both land and water. What he did was to breed a way-coated retriever with a Tweed water spaniel, and the world had its first ever litter of golden retrievers.

As is already known, golden are common family dogs, yet because they were originally bred for retrieving birds all the time, they are accustomed to some lasting physical and personal traits we see in them today.

Some of which include the facts that they possess impressive energy, are very athletic and can swim as well. They are also able to hold things in their mouth for a good number of minutes.

Let’s delve in and see some of their qualities.

Qualities Of A Golden Retriever

Below are some qualities of Golden Retrievers;

Their Adorable Face

Just a look at a golden retriever and you already want to take them. They look so adorable, so cute, and you just cannot take your eye off their piercing eyes. You will feel their sweetness right away.

What Great Swimmers Retrievers Are

Have you seen a golden retriever swim? You’ll love it instantly. The webbed feet of retrievers help them move water so smoothly, making them really great swimmers.

So, if you’re a swimmer yourself, you would want to have a companion in a golden retriever. I bet he will give you a healthy competition.

They Love to Cuddle

Golden Retrievers are the perfect pals when you are stressed and just need to snuggle or scrunch in silence instead of talking to anyone.

You’ll Have a Gentle Giant in a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are very athletic and possess a lot of energy, yet they are also very gentle with a surprisingly sweet and calm temperament. This is why they make perfect family companions. And oh, if you’re in for a therapy dog, a retriever is the perfect fit.

Training Golden Retrievers is Surprisingly Easy

Golden Retrievers are very smart, in fact, the smartest dog breed. This makes training them very easy as they learn quicker. Be it obedience training, learning names of items in your home or some basic tricks you want to teach your retriever, be certain they’ll pick up faster and quite easily.

They Don’t Mind Other Pets in the House

Golden Retrievers also get along quite well with other pets in your home; other dogs or even cats. Once you divide attention equally, they’ll cope smoothly, and you’ll have no issues keeping all of them together. It’s going to be one big happy family!

Your Retriever Will Also Keep You on Your Toes

Once your retriever comes to get accustomed to your scheduled walks or run periods, they’ll make sure you’re up and about each time. There will be days when you may just not be in the mood.

Know that your retriever will just be who you need in those moments. Mind you, they also need their hour walk a day, and they do not want to miss this just because you are not in the mood.

Your Retriever Can Help with Your Mental Health

If you’re the type that battles depression and anxiety, sleeping with your dog can help you with that. They are naturally affectionate and can be your big, breathing pillow that will help you heal.

Goldens are Just So Devoted

Once you get a golden retriever, you’ll notice just how they can show unlimited love every chance they get. Each time you walk through the door, know that they’ll be the first to meet you.

They’re always happy to see you and when you are going through some tough times, being sad and all, your retriever will know and will always want to be there for you. You’ll notice how they’ll always be lying down on your feet.

They Have a Good Sense of Smell

The long snout and ideal muzzles of retrieves make them perfect sniffers. They can help you find your lost items.

They Make Perfect Travelling Companions

Golden retrievers love to hang out the window while you drive and thus make perfect travelling companions. They adore an adventure, and you’ll have lots of fun with your retriever on that special road trip.

They are Always Up for a Game of Fetch

This adorable breed will almost never say no to a game of fetch or dog play. Golden retrievers are always up for fun. They’re gentle with the young and can keep up with the action.


It is no doubt how loving and loyal golden retrievers are. They make a great family companion and are always ready to have fun and explore. If you’re up for a calm yet energetic breed, a golden retriever is just what you need.

With the qualities listed in this article, which probably do not even cover the entirety of how sweet golden retrievers are, you are certain to have a good time with your little friend for the next 10 to 12 years.

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