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Labrador’s Intelligence – How Smart are Labradors


Every dog lover would want to know how smart their dogs are, or if they are thinking of getting a dog for themselves.

The advantage of owning a smart dog is that it would make the training process easy, and they are likely to obey commands and also learn new tricks.

How Smart Are Labradors

They are ranked as the seventh-smartest dogs out of 138 different dog breeds, putting them on the spot as the most intelligent dog breeds. They can adapt to new situations and have above-average retrieving instincts.

The Labrador is an obedient dog that is ready to learn new tricks easily and adapt to new environments. This is why they are great companions for families and friends or whoever plans of making them their pets.

Labradors Versus Other Dog Breeds

Labradors are five times faster when they are learning new tricks or verbal commands than the average dog.

If you’re looking for average dog intelligence then you should be looking at the breeds of Huskies, Australian shepherds, Great Danes, etc.

The above-mentioned dogs are considered average because they need 35 to 40 repetitions to learn a new trick or command.

Why Are Labradors So Smart

Labradors are considered intelligent because of their great instinctive intelligence. Back in the history of the Labradors, they were bred for specific roles.

They were bred as water retrievers, and they usually worked with the fishermen. They were divers and skillful in water, and they are agile.

They are great swimmers, and their webbed toes also make it easy and quick to swim efficiently. Their double-layered coat is water-resistant, which makes them buoyant and able to provide insulation.

They can learn easily for themselves because they have high adaptive intelligence, and they can learn from their past mistakes

They can learn from you, which means that you don’t always have to teach them something new. An example is they can learn how to open doors by just watching you for some time.

Labradors can learn 250 words, as well as visual and auditory signals, which is about 85 more words than the average dog.

Labradors Versus Golden Retrievers

Most of the time, Labrador retrievers are compared to Golden retrievers. In most cases, people find it difficult to choose between the two.

However, both breeds have a lot to offer, so it is best to choose any of them based on your personal preference and what you look for in a dog. They have many similarities, but many differences as well.

Furthermore, Golden retrievers are known to be smarter, and they’re ranked as the fourth-smartest dog while the Labrador is in the 7th spot/position.

If you are thinking of getting a Golden retriever, then you will be getting yourself a dog that is smarter and has high adaptive instinct than Labrador retrievers. Overall, both dogs are intelligent either way because they’re easy to train and learn new commands easily.


Labradors are in the 7th spot or position as one of the smartest dog breeds among the 138 dog breeds.

This demonstrates that you wouldn’t spend much time teaching them new tricks or commands and also working with them. They’re ready to learn and don’t forget that they can adapt to a new environment with ease.

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