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How To Trim Your Labrador’s Nail


If you love playing with your Labrador, then it is necessary to trim its nails to prevent them from hurting you one way or the other.

In this article, you would know the key things that need to be done how to trim your Labrador’s nails.

This encompasses the tools needed when you should trim them and how long should it be to trim their nails.

Some Labradors are lucky to not have their nails trimmed their entire lives, but others are unfortunate. A handful of dog owners do not like cutting the claws of their dogs due to mere reasons behind their thought; some are scared of hurting them as well.

But in this case, if you are scared of hurting them, you could take them to a professional to trim their nails for you nicely at a cost and also learn the procedures, so you try it out when the nails are grown next time.

How Do I Know My Labradors Nails Are Too Long

When your Labrador’s claws become too long, it becomes uneasy for them as they walk. In this case, their toes splay apart slightly, causing uneasiness for them. It is advisable to keep their nails short and neat.

It is time to clip their long nails when they make the clicking sound when they walk on hard floors. You can also notice this by examining them because their nails shouldn’t extend beyond the pad when they stand upright.

If you ignore these obvious signs, your Labrador would be uncomfortable as they walk, so to keep them at ease, clip the long nails when you notice the signs.

The growth of nails for every Labrador varies since they all have unique growing stages. This is why you need to clip them whenever you see them showings signs of uneasiness.

Can You Cut Your Dog’s Nails

You can equally clip your Labrador’s nails if you don’t hold yourself back from the thought of hurting them. This could even create a bond between you two if you do that.

However, it is a great idea to take them to an experienced person so he could show you how to do it before going solo because you could cause pain to your Labrador if not done properly.

Just make sure you cut the dead end of the nail and not the nerve end in the blood supply. If a dog has clear nails, you could differentiate it from a dog with dark nails.

The Right Nail Clippers to Buy for Your Labrador

You can’t just go to the market to get any clipper because it is a clipper for your Labrador. If you don’t get the right clipper for your Labrador, you might as well not be doing it right.

There are two types of clippers you may want to get. There is the scissors type – an example is the Professional Dog Nail Clippers for medium to large Labradors while the other clipper is the guillotine type – an example is Wahl Smart groom Dog Clipper. The type you get for your Labrador would depend on how comfortable you can use it.

How Do You Cut Your Labrador’s Nail

This is a perfect video for you to watch to see how best you could trim your Labrador’s nails. Furthermore, don’t forget to take very tiny slivers off when your Labrador has dark nails. And it is acceptable to have a handy file to remove any rough edges.

The right technique is demonstrated in the linked video. However, it is natural for your Labrador to restrain this practice and this problem will be overcome.

Teaching Your Dog to Accept Nail Clipping

Much of your time won’t be wasted when you train your Labrador to lie quietly while they accept their nails being trimmed because this endeavor doesn’t take that long.

Changing your dog’s attitude to accepting nail clipping must come with something pleasurable, and it should be done in stages. You could do this by giving them treats whenever they learn how to or progress in every stage.


It is a good idea to trim your dog’s nails to prevent uneasiness for them when they grow too long. You could read this article and watch the linked video to get a better understanding and be better equipped in this endeavor.

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