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How To Breed A French Bulldog


In this detailed blog post, we are sharing everything you need to know about how to breed a french bulldog.

Having owned French bulldogs for a long time, it’s understandable that you’d want to start breeding and care for these adorable little gremlins of joy. With their distinct looks, big hearts, and happy dispositions, French bulldogs win our hearts repeatedly.

Due to their adaptability to a wide range of households, they are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. Because of their small size and low energy level, they are ideal as apartment pets.

It is well accepted that raising French bulldogs is a challenge. Why are Frenchies so expensive? Because only a small percentage can mate on their own. It takes a lot of effort, money, and time to raise a litter of healthy French bulldog puppies.

Due to the difficulty of becoming a respected breeder, you must choose your breeding dogs very carefully, check their health records and genetics, and be ready to pay for expensive health examinations, food to feed them and how much to feed them daily to ensure their growth.

French bulldogs are more likely to have several health problems without proper breeding. Due to their rarity, these adorable bat pigs command a hefty price tag, and raising a litter of high-quality puppies is difficult and expensive.

However, you should be able to repay some of your investment by selling the puppies you’ve raised.

Here is a brief history of the French bulldog

In the 1800s, English bullfighters raised French bulldogs for fighting. When bullbaiting was forbidden in 1835, the bulldog breed had no purpose, so people started breeding them with terries and other tiny breeds to produce a companion bulldog, which was popular then.

As a result of the Industrial Revolution and the influx of unemployed laborers into France, the Toy Bulldog was born.

The popularity of this breed in France led to the creation of a trade. British breeders would ship over “faulty” dogs with sharp ears or short statures; these dogs were called Small Bulldogs. In 1860, these dogs were all but extinct in England, and a thriving breeding industry arose in France.

The breed was first imported to the United States in 1885, although it wasn’t formally registered until the 1930s.

Upper-class women who owned French Bull Dogs after several defeats at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1896 and 1897 formed the French Bull Dog of America Club. The AKC officially recognized the French Bulbulldog as a distinct breed.

The Process Of Reproduction

Select The Correct French Dam And Siri

Choosing a French bulldog mother and sire can seem like a daunting undertaking. The dogs in question must be in excellent health and descended from reputable breeders.

They are the foundation upon which your future litters of pups will be built and the ancestors of those future generations.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is an excellent place to look for Frenchies. Puppies will inherit a large portion of their parents’ temperament, trainability, and disposition.

It is up to the puppy’s care, training, socialization, and diet to determine the rest of the puppy’s features and overall health status.

It Is Better To Use Artificial Insemination

How do you naturally raise French bulldogs? Many of you have inquired about this. Most French bulldogs can’t reproduce independently because of their small legs and narrow hips. Males find it challenging to mount Frenchie dams because their hips are very narrow.

Most Frenchies will have to be artificially inseminated, which is an additional expense for a breeder. Women find artificial insemination far easier and more successful than natural insemination in 90% of cases.

Pregnancy And Pre-Natal Care Is A “Must” For All Expectant Mothers

A pregnant female Frenchie needs to eat a diet specially tailored for her needs. To ensure the proper growth of puppies in their womb, your pet will require an increased intake of vitamins, calcium, and protein.

During your French bulbulldog’segnancy, you should have ultrasounds and x-rays taken of your pet. Your veterinarian will be able to tell how many puppies your mother is expecting and whether or not they usually develop this manner.

C-Section Is The Most Secure Option.

Frenchies have small pelvises and huge heads. Because of this, they are unable to give birth on their own. Natural childbirth increases the mother’s likelihood of stillbirth and can even be fatal.

As a result, be prepared to add this expense to your budget. Your dog’s health is best served by Cesarean section delivery. A whelping box or kennel should be set up for your Frenchie and her puppies to recuperate after giving birth.

For A French Bulldog, What Is The Minimum Age For Mating?

Dog breeds have different maturation times. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that small breeds grow faster than large kinds.

After roughly six months of age, male French bulldogs become reproductive and can also be sexually mature within the first 12 to 15 months of their lives. It’s possible that your male Frenchie could stay sexually active and fruitful until his age, provided that he’s in good condition.

After six months, your dam will go through its first heat period (estrus). However, in some instances, this estrus has been postponed by up to 18 months or by as much as two years. The heating season of your dam should come at six months until old age.

While it’s not against the rules, it’s contentious to breed your dam during her first season. This is because they aren’t yet fully developed, and the pregnancy could provide a greater risk to both the dog and the puppies.

Following the American Kennel Club’s rules, it is not permitted to register a dog’s litter less than 8 months old or more than 12 years old.

A French Bulldog Dam’s Cycle: What Is It?

Knowing your female’s menstrual cycle is essential. You can use this to keep track of her reproductive cycles. For a dam’s life cycle, we can divide into four parts:

  1. Proestrus: Your dam is in her proestrus when she has a bloody vaginal discharge, and her vulva becomes swollen. This is when she attracts males, not for breeding. This period lasts for about nine days.
  2. Estrus: This follows the proestrus and also lasts for about nine days. During this time, the female is fertile and will allow breeding. For breeding purposes, please note that ovulation usually occurs in the first 48 hours of this period.
  3. Diestrus: Otherwise known as the “pregnancy” stage, this is the period when the reproductive tract is under the control of the hormone progesterone. It is a period of about 60 to 63 days. It will occur whether or not your dam becomes pregnant. If your female becomes pregnant during estrus, the diestrus stage will last until she whelps or gives birth. False pregnancy is, however, also possible during this period. In this situation, your dam may show signs of being pregnant even though she is not.
  4. Anestrus: This period lasts between three to four months. During this time, no sexual activity takes place.

How Do You Know Your Dam Is Pregnant?

Your dam’s uterus needs to be checked for pregnancy symptoms after estrus. An increase in appetite, weight, or nipple size is some of these warning indications, and this, on its own, isn’t that conclusive.

Even if your dam exhibits signs of pregnancy, this might not be the case.

Your veterinarian can confirm this for you via ultrasound, X-ray, or even by observing her abdominal palpitations at 28 days.

Once you know that your dog’s mother is pregnant, it’s time to talk to the vet about the unique needs of French bulldog breeding.

This will include how to identify emergencies that would require immediate medical attention. This should also include details about her labor and what to expect after giving birth.

How Long Does A French Bulldog’s Pregnancy Take?

When it comes to pregnancy, French bulldogs are like any other dog breed, and this time frame is recommended to be in the range of 58-68 days. From conception, a woman can expect to be pregnant for an average of 63 days, which should take around two months.

Your dam’s appetite may decrease or disappear a few days before giving birth. She may also begin to build a “nest” for her future litter of puppies.

Her cervix will dilate, and the delivery canal will be opened for the passage of the puppies approximately 24 hours after her temperature dips, signaling the beginning of labor.

She will pant, strain, and appear agitated at this point. Her body temperature may fall to 99 degrees or lower in the final moments before she gives birth. This stage is then followed by actual abdominal straining and birthing.

The breathing difficulties, small hips, and larger puppy heads of French Bulldogs make it harder for them to have a healthy natural birth, as previously stated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions about breeding french bulldogs;

What is the best way to breed a French Bulldog?

French bulldogs have unusually small hips and oversized heads, making it quite difficult for the male to mount the female naturally. When it comes to breeding French bulldogs, artificial insemination is the safest and most effective way.

How much does it cost to breed a French Bulldog?

A great deal of time, research, effort, and expense is involved in raising a French Bulldog litter. It can cost around $5,000- $9,000 to breed, deliver, and raise a litter. If you consider the initial investment for the breeder to buy a quality, well-bred female, this, on average, is anywhere from $5,000-$15,000!

What age can you stud a Frenchie?

Male Frenchies don’t become sexually mature until they are around 15 months old. They can produce sperm as young as 6 months, but you must wait until they are older to breed them successfully.

How long are Frenchies pregnant?

French bulldogs are like any other dog breed regarding gestation length. You can expect a Frenchie pregnancy to last between 58 and 68 days, with the average pregnancy length typically being 63 days from conception to birth.

Can I breed my French bulbulldog her first heat?

Although the standard age for sexual maturity is 6 months, a French bulldog can have her first heat as early as 4 months. It would be irresponsible for you as a pet parent to mate your Frenchie as early as her first heat.


This article discussed everything you needed to know about breeding french bulldogs.

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