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How Smart Is A Beagle?


You know how kind and lovely beagles are if you own one. But how intelligent are they? When compared to other dog breeds, how intelligent are beagles?

How Smart Is A Beagle?

Beagles are intelligent enough to acquire more than 150 words, comprehend gestures, perform basic arithmetic operations, and use straightforward equipment. Research indicates that beagles are just as intelligent as a two-year-old toddler.

Beagles are a breed of intelligent canine with a highly specific skill set. We have discussed the intelligence of beagles in this article, along with the reasons why they are among the least intelligent dogs and suggestions for how to raise your beagle’s IQ. Let’s delve into it.

How Smart are Beagles Ranked?

Beagles are the 131st smartest dog breeds for obedience & working intelligence. But, this doesn’t mean Beagles are dumb. Rather, they have different motivators that don’t fit with the standardized test criteria for measuring dog intelligence.

How Many Words Can a Beagle Learn?

A typical Beagle should be able to learn at least 150 words, if not more. That equals a very smart Beagle. Dogs also show that they can understand a new word even if they have not been taught that word yet!

Why Beagles Are Considered Smart

According to Coren, instinctive intelligence and adaptive intelligence are the two most important aspects of dogs’ intelligence. How do beagles perform?

1. Beagles have instinctive intelligence.

The capacity or aptitude that is specialized by the breed is instinctive intelligence. They acquire this talent or expertise from their parents. It doesn’t require instruction because it is intuitive. Belgian shepherds, for instance, are excellent at managing animals (sheep mostly).

Without any human instruction, their breed is capable of controlling and maintaining the cohesiveness of a large flock of sheep. They have these abilities from birth.

Beagles are naturally bred hunters. Beagles and people used to hunt together in the past. The nose of the Beagle is its unique talent. Among all dog breeds, Beagles have one of the strongest senses of smell.

As you can see, compared to beagles, who have 220 million scent receptors in their noses, humans only have 5 million. Beagles are part of the top three dog breeds with the best sense of smell, according to Pet Central, are beagles.

Because they have such a keen sense of scent, beagles find it difficult to focus and are notoriously difficult to teach. They are excellent trackers, competent hunters, and health inspectors thanks to their keen sense of smell.

2. Beagles’ Adaptive Intelligence

The ability of the dog to adjust to and learn from its surroundings in order to solve a problem is known as adaptive intelligence.

Beagles are able to adapt to a situation, process it, and find a solution. Additionally, they have a very high capacity for learning from their prior errors. Beagles are excellent communicators, not just with people, but also with cats.

The Reason Beagles Rank Low In Dog Intelligence

You may have already seen the list of dog breeds with the lowest intelligence levels and seen the beagle there. But listen to us out before you start assuming anything about the Beagle.

How reliable is this list of intelligent breeds compiled by renowned psychologist Stanley Coren? Although we believe it’s an excellent place to start when assessing a dog’s intelligence, it doesn’t provide the full picture.

The obedience & working IQ of dogs, which is just one aspect of dog intelligence, is the basis for the list of clever dog breeds.

But canine intellect goes well beyond mere working and obedience. Because of this, his test has glaring weaknesses.

1. According to Standardized Tests, Beagles Aren’t Smart

It is quite challenging to develop a “standardized” test that can be used to assess the intellect of dogs. As we previously said, different dog breeds have various driving forces.

Some breeds, like the German Shepherd or Border Collie, will work merely for the purpose of working. They enjoy working, whether it involves herding, guarding, or obedience evaluations. But this simply isn’t true of all dog breeds, particularly the beagle.

Having stated that it’s critical to comprehend the standards that Coren utilized for his trials:

a. The first factor is how many times a particular dog breed had to practice a new command before mastering it. A dog with fewer repetitions is thought to be wiser.

b. The percentage of times the dog obeys a recognized command on the first try is his second criterion. Higher success rates indicate a canine breed that is smarter and more obedient.

It is unfair to many dog breeds to standardize a test using these two criteria. These trials actually appear more like an obedience exam than an intellectual one. Additionally, not all dog breeds will be as willing to obey a new handler.

2. Personality of the Beagles Affected Their Intelligence Test

Beagles can be affectionate and sociable, but they are also independent and curious by nature. They can also be rather obstinate at times. Because of this, not all Beagles will want to follow your instructions simply because you tell them to or anticipate that they will.

But this doesn’t imply they can’t be trained; according to many owners, if done correctly, they’re actually extremely simple to train. Simply put, Beagles prioritize their own needs over yours.

That doesn’t imply, though, that you, as the owner, aren’t loved by them. A dog may not respond to a known order, but that doesn’t imply it doesn’t understand what you’re saying. With the beagle, this is precisely the situation.

Compared to other dog breeds, these dogs are less sociable, although this has little to do with how intelligent they are in reality.

Beagles are affectionate and devoted to their owners, yet they also have independent minds. In other words, obedience training and obeying directives do not control their entire life. Independent thought is more likely an indication of intellect than of stupidity in animals.

I’ll say it again: Beagles still care about you. They absolutely adore dogs and enjoy interacting with people. Just because beagles are intelligent enough to make their own decisions.

Dog Intelligence Rank From The Highest To The Lowest Degree

The smartest dogs: They can learn commands in less than five tries and often obey the initial command 95%+ of the time. Border Collies and German Shepherds as examples.

Excellent Working Dogs: Usually obeys orders 80% of the time, and understands new commands in 5 to 15 repetitions. Cocker Spaniel and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, as examples.

Above Average Working Dogs: Recognize new orders with 15 to 25 repetitions. Typically, they answer in 70% of situations. Dalmatian and Gordon Setter, as examples.

Average Working/Obedience Intelligence: Obeys new commands on average 50% of the time, interpreting them after 25 and 40 repetitions. Jack Russell Terrier and Siberian Husky are two examples.

Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence: These dogs require between 40 and 80 repetitions to fully absorb an instruction. They respond only 30% of the time. Scottish Terrier and Great Pyrenees, for instance

Minimum Working/Obedience Intelligence: It takes them between 80 and 100 repetitions to learn new orders. They only follow orders 25% of the time. Bloodhound and Beagle, for instance.

Tips On How To Make Your Beagle Smarter

  1. Whenever your beagle exhibits smart behaviour, provide them lots of love and maybe even some treats.
  2. Socialize your beagle early on, preferably. Your beagle’s IQ will be greatly aided by taking them outside more regularly and exposing them to various environments and situations.
  3. Start training your Beagle as a puppy. As soon as you get your puppy dog home, begin training him. This will increase your beagle’s intelligence and trainability.
  4. Work on physical alterations every day with your beagle dog. When your puppy is younger, this is especially important, but regular handling will help your dog become more adaptable to change and pick up new commands.
  5. Continue to impart fresh instructions and techniques. Make sure you continuously looking for new things to teach your beagle because all dogs have the capacity to learn new tricks.
  6. Constantly expose students to issues and challenges. Food bowls that force them to eat intelligently are available for purchase.

Final Thoughts

The intelligence and instinctive nature of beagles are unmatched. They have an open mind and a relaxed attitude.

They are motivated by a desire for food, and because of their mindset, they work well in groups. When it’s time to take things seriously, they’ll take the necessary steps to secure the prize.

They have a nose that is significantly superior to our own and are built to be fantastic hunting dogs. Their large ears aid with this, and their low height and long neck make it simple to reach the ground and begin scent-seeking.

Due to their independence, beagles might not always listen to you as much as you would like. They’ll act in ways that make you feel like they are disobedient, yet, keep in mind that a dog’s obedience does not necessarily indicate its intellect.

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