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How Often Should You Brush Your Labrador


Keeping a clean dog should be of utmost importance, especially if you’re going to allow it in your home.

We all want our dogs to look good and smell nice as well. If you have a Labrador, you must be wondering how many times should you brush it.

What is in the article encompasses what you need to do or not, since this practice keeps your Labrador healthy on the outside too.

Why Do We Brush Our Dogs?

When you compare bathing to brushing, you would think that bathing is more important than brushing. However, brushing has a great positive impact that reflects on your Labrador’s health.

Brushing your Labrador removes dead skin cells from your Labrador’s body. When this happens, it would help stimulate and redistribute the natural oils to aid in giving your Labrador a shining coat.

Brushing your Labrador once or twice a week would help you to know your dog’s body as well – just in case anything unusual pops up on the body, you could take them to the veterinarian.

In our previous articles, you would get to know that your Labrador has a double-layered coat, making them shed a lot (twice a year) during spring and before winter when their coats change.

How Often Should You Brush Your Labrador?

Ideally, your Labrador should be brushed at least once a week, which improves shedding. There are tools involved in brushing your Labrador, though. They are the undercoat rake, de-matter, or slicker brush that help your Labrador coat.

Why Is Grooming Important for Labrador?

Grooming your Labrador would make your life as a pet owner very easy and make the life of your dog comfortable as well.

This practice is a preventive measure as this would save some time and trouble from cleaning your home during the period your dog is shedding heavily.

Grooming your Labrador regularly would also mean your Labrador’s coat is healthy since this would ensure proper circulation of natural oils on the body. When you groom your Labrador regularly, your Labrador would get away with bathing every month or two.

A Labrador’s coat would shine nicely when taken proper care of it. As a pet owner, this practice would create a bond between you and your dog.

When Should Labradors Be Groomed?

A Labrador puppy wouldn’t need much grooming as an adult Labrador. They would shed for the first time when they hit between the months of 4–6 months old, then you may need to groom them a bit more.

There is no ideal age to start grooming your dog anyway. You could even start with them at an early age, so they become used to the entire process before they get old.

It is necessary to do it regularly, so they become accustomed to it, since they won’t be comfortable with it in the early stages or the first time.


It is a necessary idea to get your Labrador’s coat healthy and shiny by brushing it regularly. Doing this could save you from trouble in case you spot anything unusual on your Labrador’s body.

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