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How often Should a Labrador be Bathed?


Just as bathing is important to humans, your Labrador shouldn’t be excluded or listed out of bathing. Just as much as humans need it, so does your Labrador. You must be wondering how often should you bathe your Labrador.

Since our Labradors like to get messy on a regular basis, it is advisable to bathe them once a month, but what if your Labrador likes to get messy or dirty most of the time; do you think once a month would be enough?

You wouldn’t like your Labrador going around your home looking dirty and smelling awful. In this case, how often you should bathe your Labrador would depend on its lifestyle and activity level.

What to know about your Labrador’s coat?

A Labrador has a double-layered coat. The top coat is known to be wiry and abrasive, while the undercoat is lighter and softer.

A Labrador has a double coat because it prevents them from the direct sun rays, dirt, and water. And in the winter, it keeps them warm while serving as a cooling mechanism in the summer.

Due to their double-layered coat, they tend to have minimal grooming, unlike other dogs. However, they shed a lot; another reason they should be bathed regularly is to remove excess furs from their bodies.

Do Labradors need a regular bath?

A definite answer can’t be given to this question. However, Labradors don’t need regular baths but bathing them would benefit them, and you are the owner which I mean would create a bond between you two.

As stated earlier, just as bathing is hygienic for humans, so is it for your dog as well. Bathing your Labrador would remove dirt and make it smell better, indirectly giving your dog a healthy life status.

How often should a Labrador be bathed?

 It is to be known that bathing your Labrador once a month is generally accepted, as bathing would remove dirt from the coat.

On the contrary, if your Labrador likes to spend a lot of time outdoors getting himself dirty, then you would need to increase the number of baths you need to bathe him.

You could also spray your Labrador with lukewarm water either from your shower or hose pipe if it continuously gets dirty.

Consider bathing your Labrador regularly if your Labrador has a pungent smell or has skin issues, and this should be sought by your veterinarian before you proceed with frequent baths.

On the contrary, if your dog likes to stay indoors, then the chances of putting him on regular baths would be minimal. Thus, the time between bathing your Labrador would be slightly longer. It could be once a month.

What happens if you bathe your Labrador too often?

This would sound like a good idea since you hope to keep your Labrador clean, but too much of everything could be harmful as well.

Labradors have natural oils which provide them with healthy skin and shiny coats, so bathing them too often could wash away the essential oils and can cause skin irritation.

Another factor to consider is that too much bathing damages hair follicles, which would cause a high risk of fungal and bacterial infections

How to bathe a Labrador

You don’t just get up and bathe your Labrador when there are steps to consider before setting out on this journey. Firstly;


You need to prepare before getting your Labrador wet. Where do you want to bathe your Labrador, in the backyard, in the garden, or in the bathroom? What clothes should you wear? Those are the basic questions you need to ask yourself.

You need to get old clothes since bathing your Labrador could get messy. Get your tools set which includes a clean towel, dog shampoo, conditioner, and maybe a hair dryer.

NB: Don’t use human shampoo.

Wet the coat

Bath your Labrador with water that is not too cold nor is it too hot. The water temperature should be comfortable for your Labrador. Thoroughly get the coat wet before because the double-layered coat is water-resistant.

Bath your Labrador

After getting your Labrador wet, apply the shampoo and massage your dog as you apply the shampoo to the coat. Allow the shampoo to settle for a while before rinsing it.

Make sure the shampoo doesn’t get into contact with your dog’s eyes. Bathing your Labrador would take a bit longer if your dog is filthy. You may have to repeat the activity twice to get the final result.

Dry your lab

The last step is getting your Labrador dry when you are done rinsing it and make sure you get them dry thoroughly with a clean towel.

Consider using a hair dryer if you want to get into the dog’s undercoat. However, you need to maintain a good distance and don’t scare them, since your Labrador may not be familiar with the sound of the dryer.

When to bathe your Labrador puppy?

It is best advised not to bathe a Labrador puppy with shampoo until they are three months old, and ensure you use shampoo meant for puppies.

Puppies can’t regulate their body temperature, so just clean them with water if they are dirty.

How to keep your Labrador between baths

Since you can’t regularly bathe your Labrador on a daily basis, there are certain things you could employ to keep your Labrador clean. The measures are listed below.

  • Clean your Labrador’s bed where they sleep
  • Ensure brushing their teeth daily
  • Ensure the use of dog wipes
  • Ensure the use of dog perfume for a nice smell
  • Ensure to brush your Labrador’s coat not more than once a week


Bathing your Labrador usually depends on how frequently your Labrador gets dirty.

At most, it is generally accepted that once a month is perfect for your dog, but if your Labrador loves to spend more time outside then it is necessary to bathe them or get them into the water most often.

You should be able to easily access and download your call history if you follow the steps outlined in this blog post.

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