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How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy?


It’s always difficult figuring out exactly how much food you need to give your golden retriever puppy.

The amount of food your retriever puppy requires differs from when he is grown. Because retrievers easily become overweight, owners are always wondering exactly how much is enough.

You need to make sure you’re feeding your puppy just the right amount of food to ensure his health is on the right course. Let’s explore how much you’ll need to feed your dog and what food is right for your golden retriever.

How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy?

At 3 months old, a puppy may eat up to 1.5 cups a day. At 4 months, it may eat 2.5 cups a day. At 6 or 7 months, male dogs may eat up to 4 cups a day, but female golden retrievers may eat 3 cups.

What Food Should I Feed To My Golden Retriever Puppy?

Due to the golden retriever’s athletic nature, their physical activity levels tend to be higher than other dog breeds. Thus, a dry dog kibble is recommended, especially if your retriever is a large breed since kibble is specifically suited to large breeds of retrievers.

Also, diet combinations that are rich in protein are essential for your retriever puppy. Know that there is a difference between puppy and adult foods in terms of nutritional value.

If your puppy is a smaller breed, wet canned foods are recommended. Homemade foods are especially recommended as well, as they are known to even increase the lifespan of golden retrievers.

Do Not Underfeed Or Overfeed Your Retriever Puppy

It is important to monitor the weight of your retriever puppy. While overfeeding is a general concern due to the fact that it usually results in obesity, which comes with significant health risks, not feeding your puppy enough food may also hamper his growth.

If you notice that your retriever is not putting up enough weight as it should, you should consider giving it a bit more food.

In the same way, if your dog is putting up too much weight, you should reduce the amount of food you give it. It is advisable to talk to your vet if you are not sure which amount is right for your dog.

When Do I Start Giving My Retriever Adult Food?

Usually, golden retrievers start to mature between 6 months and 1 year. This is when you start the switch from puppy foods to adult foods. This process should be gradual to afford your dog enough time to adjust to the change.

An important note is that switching from puppy foods to adult foods should be done at just the right time.

This is why 6 months to 1 year old is recommended. This also depends on the rate of development of your retriever.

As we have already noted, adult foods are different from puppy foods because of their nutritional values. Talk to your vet to be sure what exactly is right for this transitional phase, especially in terms of quantity.  Start slow for about a week, then you can make the full switch.

Adult golden retrievers average about 3 to 5 cups of food a day, although this can increase or decrease for each dog depending on the age, weight and overall lifestyle of the dog.

My Golden Retriever Always Seems Hungry. Why?

Two things; your retriever might be food obsessed, or it’s just the natural characteristic of retrievers at play. Golden retrievers naturally love food. You have to be observant as a dog owner, so you can be able to tell if there’s been a change in your retriever’s appetite.

It may also be that your dog is feeling underfed and is trying to tell you that. However, if you conclude that your dog is just being a glutton, you can switch diets and try to feed it much slower than before.

Routine feeding is also a great way of checking your dog’s seemingly abnormal eating habits.

Do not hesitate to contact your vet for assistance, as this may also be an indication of some health issue.

Is There Any Type Of Food I Shouldn’t Feed My Retriever?

Although grain-free diets come in highly recommended for dogs, Do not feed your retriever with grain-free diets as they have been known to be associated with heart diseases in retrievers.

Also, you should not give your retriever friend any homemade foods that contain spices, onions and other toxic ingredients. Only small amounts of cooked beef or white chicken meats are recommended.

You should as well avoid low-quality foods made with cheap filler ingredients, as these are detrimental to your dog’s health.

Final Thoughts

Knowing exactly how much and what to feed your retriever friend can be challenging. Yet, you should always try to find the right balance to avoid underfeeding and most importantly, avoid overfeeding.

Feeding your dog just the right diet will be helpful to their health and can even increase their lifespan. Know when to make that important switch from puppy food to adult food.

Talk to your vet to make sure you’re doing things the right way.

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