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How Much To Feed A Beagle Puppy?


It is important to keep your beagle in the same way it got you attracted to it in the first place. Beagles are amazing dogs.

They are smart, sociable, and full of puppy surprises. They have an amazing personality one could ever think of. However, to keep all these amazing features intact, they need proper care, which comes with a lot of responsibilities.

One of them is how much should you feed your beagle and don’t forget that just as you need a balanced diet, your beagle also deserves the same. Their foods are not hard to get.

Thus, you could get them from commercially made foods or foods that you prepare at home. It must be enriched in fibre, good fats, calories, protein, etc.

However, most dog owners prefer getting commercially made food because it saves them some time, and they get to feed their beagles the right food at the right age.

Let’s dive into how much should you feed your beagle puppy as they grow.

How Much To Feed A Beagle Puppy?

Beagles eat more when they are puppies and less as adults, typically eating between 1-1 ½ cups of food each day, or 8-14 ounces.

Beagle puppies are prone to obesity if care is not taken. You need to make the right decision when it comes to feeding your beagle puppy, even if it is the hardest decision to make.

Before you decide to take the right steps, you should know if your beagle puppy is an active dog or not.

Because if your beagle puppy is an active dog, then chances are that he would burn more calories and requires more food.

One of the key things in this endeavour is to have a feeding schedule with the right amount of food to be fed per day. Having a feeding schedule would prevent your beagle puppy from being underfed or obese.

The Beagle Feeding Chart

It has been asserted that beagles require 50 to 55 calories for every pound of their body weight. The amount of food you feed your beagle per day would depend on the type of food you feed it with, the age, and the activity level of the beagle puppy.

If you intend to get your food from commercially made food stores, then it would come with the right balanced diet but if you want it prepared at home, then you would need to adjust to meet your puppy’s needs.

Studies show that beagles are well-mannered when they have a strict feeding schedule they follow, and it would be rare to see them going around looking for food in garbage cans, etc.

A beagle owner should note that between 8 weeks to 6 months, it is necessary to feed your beagle puppy 3-4 times daily, and 2-3 times a day after 6 months old.

Feeding Your Beagle Puppy From Week 2 To Week 12

A 2-Week-Old Beagle Puppy

At this age, the beagle puppy would need more attention and care from their mother since she would be the one to provide nutrition, and warmth during this stage.

However, if you recognize that a puppy is given less attention, then you need to step in and show some responsibility.

You could keep it warm by keeping it in a moderated blanket to keep it warm. Feeding can be done with a bottle of milk replacer or a tube if it is too young to feed on a bottle.

A 4-Week-Old Beagle Puppy

At this stage, your beagle is having some developmental transitioning. This is the beginning of moving from a fluid diet to a portion of solid food, and this transition is called the weaning process.

Give him more wet food to make this process easy and smooth for him. Include soup-like food in his schedule too.

At this stage, your beagle puppy has not learned how to chew solid foods or eat properly. As time goes by, gradually alter the wet foods into solid diets.

A 6-Week-Old Beagle Puppy

When your beagle gets to this stage, he doesn’t spend much time with the parent because the focus would be on the newly found solid diet.

You can make them at home or get them in the stores, but make sure they contain the right number of calories in them and are high in nutrients.

This is the time they become very active because they would be exploring their new environment and this requires more food.

An 8-Week-Old Beagle Puppy

This is the stage where they get to be on their own and wouldn’t need feeding and grooming from their mom.

At this stage, they are used to eating solid foods and enjoying them. They become active and playful and the food given to them should amount to the energy they use in exploring.

A 10 Weeks Old Beagle Puppy

Keep the schedule as they reach this stage. However, you can still feed them 3 times daily but you can also learn to reduce it as they get older so they adjust to the new schedule before being fed twice a day.

A 12-Week-Old Beagle Puppy

Your beagle puppy should have a healthy appetite during this stage. They eat more and be hungry at their scheduled times.

Get them the right food with the right number of calories and enriched in nutrients as well, considering the level of their activity. It could be made at home or bought from the store.


It would be heartbreaking to see your beagle puppy obese when they get older. However, if you keep a strict schedule as they grow older, you would be at peace seeing your puppies turn into beautiful and adorable beagles.

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