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How Much Should A German Puppy Eat?


One of the difficulties faced when adopting puppies is the thought of feeding. You wonder, how much should I feed it? Is there too much? With dogs like German Shepherds who have high agility and intelligence, the choice is even harder to make.

So as you wonder how much German shepherd puppies should eat, read this article to find out just how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy.

How Much Should I Feed My German Puppy?

The greatest mistake dog owners make is leaving the choice of feeding to their dogs, giving them the chance to either eat more than should be acceptable or eat what they are not supposed to.

In the case of German puppies, they should only eat meals thrice daily, with enough nutrients in them to keep their agile body and mind working.

The lowest amount of calories to be found in a German Shepherd puppy’s daily meal should be around 272 calories. The highest is 2,100 calories.

Anything less than this amount will lead to malnutrition, which will, in turn, affect the physical look and activeness of the dog, and also will affect its intelligence.

Things To Be Considered When Choosing A German Puppy Food

Just as with humans, there are a number of things that should be considered when choosing the amount of nutrients a German Shepherd puppy needs in its system.

  1. Health Status

Perhaps the most important part of feeding a puppy is its current health. A healthy, vibrant German puppy tends to eat more food than a sick one. At the same time, the nutrients needed for an ill German puppy will be more than that needed in one that is in perfect shape.

  1. The Puppy’s Age

There is a wide difference between the amount of calories needed in a three months old Shepherd puppy in comparison to that of one which is as low as a month. Therefore, taking the age of the puppy into consideration is required.

  1. Its Weight

The body mass of a German puppy decides how much food is needed in its system for it to function properly. This will therefore determine how much food should be provided to one.

Foods That A German Shepherd Puppy Is Allowed To Eat

A quick surf of the net will bring to you many options of what a dog can eat, but with a German Shepherd, there are specific foods that they are allowed to eat.

Dry Food

This class of food is the most commonly known to people. It is usually shaped as a brown kibble and is also pocket friendly. Storing the kibble is easy, and it should contain a balanced diet for the puppy.

While chewing, the action is enough to help in maintaining a German Shepherd’s dental hygiene. The downside to this is that since the food is mostly dry, there will be the need to provide your puppy with water in order to balance out the unavailability of it in the meal.

The ingredients side of the packaging should also be taken notice of to ascertain that what you are feeding your puppy has all the needed nutrients for its healthy growth.

Wet Food

An example of this is meat that is covered in gravy or jelly. Dogs tend to find this kind of food more appealing than they find dry foods. However, before the breed loves to chew, there is the possibility of the dog satiating its yearning by using its teeth on furniture and the like.

A way around this is to provide a chew toy for your German puppy to chew on, thereby, diverting its attention from the house’s furniture.

In order to avoid the gathering of bacteria, wet food should be thrown out after one hour, or kept in freezers when there is too much to throw away. This class tends to be more expensive, contains more protein and helps with hydration.

Raw Food

The last class of food, which also happens to come with the baggage of controversy, is raw food. Usually, a meal is made up of vegetables and fruits, meats that have bine in them, and some other natural additives.

Having better-looking coats, more energy and more satisfaction after meals are the stand of those who are in support of this class of food Those against this class of food claim that their dogs have a greater chance of bacteria poisoning from meat, as well their puppy’s diet being imbalanced.

In simpler words, there are two sides to feeding your dog raw food, and it would require more research from you before you can embark on it.

Are There Human Foods German Shepherd Puppies Can Eat?

There are many foods that humans eat, and there are some that German puppies can be allowed to eat.

Such foods, which have a high value of protein in them, include chicken, turkey, and fish. It is advisable for these foods to either be boiled or not fried, as such can lead to more casualties than intended.

Human Foods You Should Not Give Your German Shepherd Puppy

Many of us are addicted to chocolate thanks to how sweet it is, however, feeding chocolate to a dog is the same as booking a sick bed at the vet.

Chocolate has what is called the theobromine toxin. A constituent which, when taken by a dog, can lead to seizures, rapid breathing, and diarrhea, amongst others.

Avocado should also be taken away from a puppy as its intake could lead to gastrointestinal problems, thanks to the person it contains. Onions, macadamia nuts, and some other dairy should be avoided.

Last Words

Knowing what to feed your dog and how much you can feed your dog can be a daunting task. Yet, we hope this article has now given you much insight, and you now know what to do.

It is always important to speak to your vet if you are unsure about anything.

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