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How Much Should A Beagle Weigh?


You should consider checking your Beagle on a regular basis to keep its weight in check. Since they like eating a lot, obviously that habit comes with positive weight gain or obesity. A Beagle puppy must eat 3 times daily until it is 6 months old.

Then twice daily from 6 to 12 months. When it is a year old and counting, you must feed it once daily.

Every Beagle owner always has this question on their mind; How much should my Beagle weigh? Asking this relevant question would make you understand if your Beagle has the right weight for its age.

How Much Should A Beagle Weigh?

Health-wise and ideally, the weight range for an adult Beagle is determined by gender and height. For example, male Beagles mostly weigh between 20 and 34 pounds while female Beagles often weigh between 20 to 22 pounds.

Additionally, male Beagles’ height ranges between 13 to 16 inches, so when factoring in your dog’s weight, remember to check their height as well. Statistics show that should a male Beagle that is 15 inches tall should weigh between 18 to 19 pounds whereas a Beagle that is 16 inches tall should weigh 22 pounds or less.

Approximately, a healthy adult Beagle should weigh 20 pounds. Although, there is a weight range of Beagles that is widely considered normal for the breed. Assertively, the smaller the breed, the less it would weigh and the weight between a male and a female significantly has little or no difference.

When Beagles are compared to other dogs in terms of weight and height, they stand out with their larger body mass because Beagles’ size varies between 13 and 15 inches at shoulder level.

Furthermore, if your Beagle is not meeting the statistical expectation, then there are high chance that the environment it finds itself in is not favourable or there are underlying genetic conditions affecting the Beagle’s growth.

One should focus on a Beagle’s diet if he wants the dog to achieve its health target.

Choosing the right diet for your Beagle could make a significant difference in their health, height, and weight as well because Beagles have an active lifestyle which means their diet must be carefully selected.

Regular puppy checkups could prevent your dog from having growth issues, such as stunted growth and obesity.

Beagles’ newborns weigh less than a pound and are mostly tiny. A newborn Beagle may roughly weigh between 5 and 10 ounces, and that has to depend on the health and size of the dam and sire. As discussed early on, the health of the Beagle plays a significant role in its life.

This is because a healthy Beagle will gain weight every single day. To keep weighing records of your Beagle, use a litter to weigh your Beagle each morning (a routine) and see changes in the results.

It is estimated that a Beagle reaches its full potential height at around 8 months old and its weight at around 18 months old.

There are techniques to use if you want to check the obesity of your Beagle. The rate at which your Beagle becomes too heavy would depend on its height of it. You can assess the weight by running your fingers along his rib cage. By using this technique, you would get to know that;

  • Your Beagle is thin if you can feel the ribs sticking out and the hip bones being visible
  • If the ribs are not sticking out, then chances are that he has a great weight
  • If it is hard to push in to feel the Beagle’s ribs, then understand that your Beagle is overweight.


Beagles are food lovers. While other dog breeds experience satiety and cease eating when satisfied, Beagles seem to be new to this habit. They would eat to the point of bursting their tummies out.

As a result, this “unhealthy” habit of theirs makes them ill and pukes the excess food. A Beagle owner should keep their Beagles in check if they want their dogs to have a full right potential weight gain.

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