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How Much Does A Beagle Cost?


Beagles are considered congenial and fun to be with, which affects their sale price on the market due to the higher demand of their outgoing nature. The Beagle dog loves to play around and has a high sense of sniffing.

Due to their advanced sniffing abilities, they were bred as scent hounds originally. With this ability, they were used to tracking small animals, etc.

Though they still are used as scent hounds, they are pets in our homes. Beagles are known to be vocal. With that being said, they need to be trained if you want your Beagle to grow into an amazing pet.

To take care of a Beagle wouldn’t be easy because there are necessary considerations one needs to consider.

How Much Does A Beagle Cost?

The cost of a Beagle is factored into several conditions which have to do with the age, the lineage, the location, and the breeder who is involved. However, the Beagle’s lineage price can shoot up to $6000 and one could also afford a Beagle as low as $100.

Consider yourself lucky if you get to be gifted a Beagle or if a shelter is giving them away Beagles. However, keeping the Beagle is where the thinking starts.

The subsequent paragraphs would give a detailed layout that affects the cost of Beagles.

Where You Buy Your Beagle

The first factor affecting the Beagle’s cost is where you purchased them from. Where a dog lover gets their pet from sometimes affects the cost of the dog. If you are lucky to obtain a Beagle from a pet store, chances are that you may purchase them for between $500 and $600.

One may not want to get the lineage papers, which would lessen the price of the Beagle. However, recommendations are not considered if the breed purity is cared for because the lack of papers depicts that the Beagle is not purebred.

Additionally, having the lineage papers and the pedigree gives insights into the Beagle’s health,

If you want to get yourself a Beagle from a professional breeder, it could significantly increase the cost of the Beagle as compared to the pet store.

There is a reason attached to the high cost of the Beagle in this situation, and this is because professional Beagle breeders carefully choose the lineages and mate the Beagle with the best pedigree only.

Getting a Beagle from a reputable breeder could cost you between $1,300 and $6,000. Beagles that fall in between the price range would have a pedigree, that traces back to the ancestors, which indicates whether the ancestors were involved in any sporting activity.

One may consider having his Beagle compete in dog shows or breeding purposes, then look no further, the best place to get a Beagle like that should be from a professional breeder.

Adoption Cost

Getting yourself a cheaper Beagle could also come from adoption. However, Beagles that are adopted may be older and may lack lineage papers and they are the most common breeds found in American shelters.

However, with that being said, adoption comes with a fee that falls between $50 and $250. Prices vary depending on where you locate yourself.

Season of the Year

Seasons also affect the cost of getting yourself a Beagle dog breed. In countries like the USA, dog lovers are likely to purchase or bring their pets home during the summer and spring periods. It is considered to be a time when most people have time for their pet dogs.

However, there are seasons scheduled when you can have a good time with your puppy. It is perfect to bring your puppy home when it is sunny months. To housebreak your puppy is ideally done during warm weather and longer sunny days would give you the time to step out of your home and play with your new Beagle.

Seasons like the Fall and Winter cause dogs to be less in demand. Comparing both seasons, one would consider buying a Beagle in the colder months since it would be cheaper. Moreover, professional breeders consider seasons before they mate their dogs, which affects getting a pure-bred Beagle for sale in low seasons.

Age of the Beagle

Another factor that affects the cost of the Beagle has to do with age. Beagles tend to cost a lot higher before they turn two months. The reason is, that professional breeders do charge a fee to reserve unborn puppies.

However, if a puppy crosses a few months (maybe 6 months), the price of the puppy significantly drops. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to bring home a Beagle when it is less than 7 weeks old. It is preferable to raise a Beagle after 8 weeks, but the best time is from age 3 to 4 months.

Undoubtfully, an older Beagle that is pretty old will be cheaper than a Beagle puppy. Arguably, some professional breeders will put female Beagles on sale or even give them away if they cross their breeding age.

Health of the Beagle

The potential health of a Beagle significantly affects its cost.  What influences the price of a Beagle has to do with the pedigree of the Beagle. This is because the new dog owner gets to be abreast with the history of the Beagle he is purchasing.

A Beagle that has no health issues would cost higher than the one that possesses health issues. Another factor that influences the price of a Beagle is a puppy that has a strong pedigree. This could even command a high price to the buyer.

Professional Breeders

Reputation is a considered factor that could also influence the price of a Beagle. Generally, breeders have a higher price, but not all breeders would be the same. It is apparent to know that the higher the reputation, the higher the prices.

Buying a beagle that is costly could mean that the breeder has put in the effort and time to keep the puppy healthy because professional breeders are responsible and ethical and tend to have insight into the process and put in a lot of care.

Supposing you get yourself a low-cost breed with health issues, you would be running to the vet on a daily basis and that would cost you a lot more.

The Standard Price Of A Beagle

It is a pretty standard price across the globe when it comes to Beagles. Aside the USA, Beagles are popular pets in Canada and the UK- countries where they were originally bred. Beagles could cost between 400 pounds and 1000 pounds.

Again, Beagles cost between $500 to $1200 which is close to the price in the USA. However, as discussed before this part, the price can fluctuate based on the factors we raised.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Beagle

A Cheap Beagle

A Beagle that is too cheap may raise eyebrows. It is necessary to do a background check on the Beagle you are trying to get for yourself. A cheap Beagle could come with a lot of health issues, and most of them are probably bred in extremely inhumane puppy mills.

Another reason why it is advisable to get a Beagle from a reputable breeder or store is to save yourself from future unplanned expenses.

Hidden Cost Involved In Raising A Beagle

Before getting yourself a Beagle, one needs to know the hidden cost it comes with owning one. Buying a Beagle is the first cost before you bring it home. There are hidden factors to consider when getting a Beagle.

1. Registration

After purchasing the Beagle, the next step is the initial registration. You would want to register your purebred Beagle with the Pet Registry.

Registration is vital since it helps the owner to know the history and the lineage of the Beagle, and the registration could cost between $100 to $200.  However, registration is sometimes included in the cost of the Beagle.

2. Microchipping

Microchipping your dog also comes with a fee, which is necessary to locate your dog in case it goes missing. Nonetheless, it is affordable to get, and costs between $25 and $50.

3. Feeding Cost

Feeding a Beagle comes at a high cost, since they are very active dogs and eat lots of food to replenish their energy. A Beagle’s food could cost around $4 per pound if you are thinking of getting a portion of quality food.

Purchasing low-cost food for your Beagle could lead to other health issues, and eventually, you would need to see the vet to save your dog.

4. Medical Check-Ups

To keep your Beagle in good health condition, you need to do regular visits to the vet which also comes at a cost. De-worming, vaccinations, grooming, dental care, and flea and tick preventions are highly recommended for your Beagle.

Certain health conditions come with high costs. A few examples are;

  • Hip Dysplasia costs between $1500 and $6000 in treating.
  • Patellar Luxation affects the knee cap and may hinder your Beagle from walking. Treating this condition could be between $1500 to $3000
  • Meningitis which cost between $1500 to $4000 to treat is a common health issue for beagles. When this occurs, tissues in the brain swell up and the spinal cord could result in excruciating pain. However, knowing all these, it is advisable to have your Beagles insured and insurance also doesn’t come cheap. Insurance may cost higher depending on the location. And dog owners may be paying between $34 to $51 per month.

5. Accessories

A dog owner would need to provide accessories if they want to keep their Beagles happy, comfortable, and obedient, and this provision comes with a fee. The accessories are toys, water, food bowls, brushes, bedding, etc.

It is estimated that up to $1700 per annum may be needed to cater for a dog and Beagles are not excluded.


Purchasing a Beagle would cost an arm and leg if you are to include the lineage, feeding cost, medical expenses, registration and pet accessories, and other miscellaneous. However, Beagles are easy to fit into every family because of their outgoing nature.

If looking up the cost of keeping a Beagle wouldn’t be a problem for you, then you have found yourself another loyal friend.

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