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How Long Does A Golden Retriever’s Pregnancy Last?


It is difficult to say exactly how long a golden retriever will stay pregnant, especially if you are not sure when she got pregnant.

The length of a Golden Retriever pregnancy is about 63 days, give or take a few days. The gestation period is nine weeks, or a little over two months, compared to a 40-week, 280-day gestation period for humans. A veterinarian can narrow down the exact due date.

What Are The Signs That My Retriever Is Pregnant?

Once your female retriever is mounted by a male counterpart during her heat cycle, especially in the Estrus stage when she is fertile, there is a high possibility of getting pregnant. Let your vet check your dog for pregnancy if this happens, and you are unsure.

Some signs you should look out for include thickening of your dog’s tummy and acting differently, like being clingy. Your retriever may also start feeling tired easily, and this usually lasts throughout the period of pregnancy.

Most visible signs appear at the end of the first month through to the second month. You will notice some vaginal discharge, usually thin and watery, lasting up to 3 weeks.

You must also be ready to take your pregnant retriever out to urinate more often than before, especially as the months go by. Urination increases with each passing month of the pregnancy.

You will also notice that your dog pants more often, eat less and plays less. She will also gain more weight, and you’ll see some changes in her nipples, as they will become bigger, usually around the 5th week.

Your retriever will start to look for a nesting place when she is getting close to the due date. You should provide her with a box lined with soft towels or quilts.

About 5 or fewer days until she is eventually due, your retriever will move to her box. This is accompanied by increased discomfort and changes in her tummy positioning.

This is relative, but your retriever should deliver all her litter in a few hours or in an extended period of 24 hours.

How Do I Care For My Pregnant Golden Retriever?

As with humans, your pregnant retriever will need a little more care than usual.

Start with her diet. Increase the quantity of her diet, as she’ll need more nutrients for herself and her babies. Make sure you provide her with only high-quality diets. Enough water should be provided as well.

Do not exercise your dog as regularly as you used to. Some 15 to 20 minutes walk is fine as this will keep your dog in shape, and aid in the development of her babies. Too much exercise can affect pregnancy. Make sure to let your dog rest in the last 2 to 3 weeks before she is due.

Do not vaccinate your dog when she’s pregnant. Unless you have permission from your vet, you should only give your dog a few heartworm treatments and frontline plus tropical flea treatments.

Even if your retriever is due for a vaccination, only vaccinate her after she’s given birth, as it is ideal to vaccinate while she’s nursing.

Many dog owners are fond of taking advice solely from friends or even relying on books on what to do when their dogs are pregnant.

As much as you can gain some good knowledge from these, they might just not be enough. Always talk to your vet if you have any concerns whatsoever. It is the best thing for you and your retriever friend.


Pregnancies, whether in humans or animals, always come with some extra responsibilities. You have to be ready to undertake these responsibilities. Make sure you take extra care of your dog and contact your vet for assistance.

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