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How Long Do Beagle Mixes Live?


Every living thing has a general life expectancy, but the focus here is on dog breeds. It must be noted that the general life expectancy is the average age.

The longevity of the dog depends on its genetics. Supposing your favorite dog carries hereditary issues, chances are the life span would be shortened.

How you treat and care for your dog also both negatively and positively affect the life span of the dog. The leading causes of death are avoidable if you pay enough attention to your dog.

How Long Do Beagle Mixes Live?

The average life expectancy of the beagle dog is up to 15 to 20 years. Beagles live well if good care is ensured.

All beagle mixes have a different range of life expectancy, but they all fall in the same range of 15 to 20 years of expectancy on average.

Now, let us dive into how long beagle mixes live. Ready? In this article, I would briefly outline the beagle mixes and their life expectancy and other factors that hinder their expectancy and vice versa.

Before we dive, one must know that beagle mixes are not purebred. We happen to have beagle mixes in our lives because they are the results of crossbreeds between a purebred and another breed of dog.

It is interesting to know that when a crossbreed is carried out, we give the new result that was produced from the crossing a specific name that stands them out. An instance; a Malt eagle is a name given to a breed that was crossed with a purebred beagle.

As we delve deeper, we will know more about the life expectancy of the beagle mixes and how to respond to the health issues that hinder their life span.

The Life Expectancy of Beagle Mixes

Under proper care and a hygienic environment, beagle mixes on average live for about 15 to 20 years, irrespective of the breed used in crossing. However, some factors can cause the life span to reduce.

Neurological disease: Beagles are naturally prone to inflammations of the brain, seizures, palpitations, etc. However, most of these cases can be treated/controlled with accurate medication if noticed on time.

One must understand that the diseases are genetic, so it was passed from their either parents or both to their beagle puppy.

Cancer: Most adult beagles die because of cancer. Adult beagles are prone to bone cancer, melanoma (mouth cancer), lymphoma (skin cancer), etc.

It usually occurs in middle-aged dogs and elderly dogs. However, early diagnosis, chemotherapy, etc. would at least add up to some years to the dog’s life. In such situations, expect to see certain changes in your dog.

Feeding: Beagles also deserve quality food if you are expecting them to grow old and strong. Feeding your beagle low-quality food will give them a weak immune system, and they could attract any disease that comes across them easily.

Infections: infections are prone to dogs, irrespective of the breed. And if not treated properly, could affect the life expectancy of the dog. A beagle owner should be abreast with how to treat such infections.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious infection in beagle puppies. Early diagnosis and treatment could affect the life span positively.

Your beagle is prone to infections such as fungal infections, distemper, ear infections, and eye infections. Seek medical attention from a professional to help treat your beagle.


It is important to know that a socialized beagle would live longer and happier than a beagle that is mostly alone, so that must not be left out.

To keep your beagle healthy and live long, you must put in the effort to keep too alive to reach life expectancy.

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