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How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run?


Golden Retrievers were originally bred to fetch shot birds, and as such are naturally athletic and energetic. They love to run. If you’re looking for a running companion, this breed is the perfect match for you.

Many athletes do own golden retrievers because these lovely breeds can run quite an astonishing number of miles.

Yes, they are fast! Owners of golden retrievers who take them for a run usually say that they start to sweat way before the dogs start to pant. You would be surprised how fast they can be and how far they can go on a run with you.

Perhaps you’re not an athlete yourself, but love to keep an active lifestyle, this is the absolutely perfect breed for you. They make excellent workout buddies too. Let’s find out how fast these retrievers can go.

How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run Then?

When you compare them to other dog breeds, the estimated range golden retrievers are known to be able to go is between 20-25 miles per hour. However, the fastest breed can go up to about 35 miles per hour.

This is really impressive given that they can run faster than humans, with the fastest human being able to run up to 28 miles per hour at top speed.

What Makes Golden Retrievers Fast Runners?

Basically, three things make golden retrievers fast breeds;

  • Naturally, golden retrievers were bred to run. As history has it, Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland bred these dogs to run and catch short beds and so this is the natural predisposition of goldens.

They just love to run and are very agile, regardless of what terrain they’re running on. Golden retrievers have since been adept runners and owners have given very positive feedback, with some saying they easily bend around hurdles in a remarkably easy manner.

  • The physical strength of golden retrievers also makes them very fast runners. Goldens have very strong leg muscles that, with regular exercise, even make them stronger.

This makes running very easy for them and they are able to go for long miles, even more than humans.

  • Most golden retriever owners say that they just really have to give the command and their lovely retrievers will be on the move. They just love to run and are actually excited about it.

Sometimes, it’s even difficult to put on the leash because they’ll just take off before you know it. This makes them great runners. It is important that you always take your golden retriever for a run, as it excites them. You will notice a sense of anxiety, and they become bored when you don’t take them for runs. They just love to get their energies up and running.

Note that golden retrievers actually love to run long distances with their owners. It’s a way of spending more time with them and also improves their cardio. You can also take your retriever for a swim.

Yes, they’re excellent swimmers too! When on a run with your golden, they tend to even challenge you and make push you over your limits. They are really loving companions and training buddies.

How Far Can My Golden Retriever Run?

Well, obviously there is no definite figure because this is dependent on several factors; your retriever’s training habits, age, physique and even your own stamina. Also, it varies between dogs, yet they generally can run long distances.

If you’re a consistent runner and always go with your dog, as you increase your distance, so does your golden retriever.

Averages and even without much training, your retriever should be able to go up to 10 miles in one session. Heck, your retriever can even run a 26-mile marathon! Of course, with adequate training.

When Can My Golden Retriever Start Running?

You can start running long distances with your puppy when he is between 1-year-old to about 18 months. Even before then, you can run with your little friend, just make sure you’re taking it slow and gradual as his bones are still developing.

You do not want to put too much strain on your little retriever friend.

Keep exercising and training your puppy, and run short distances with him. Each time you realize he is tired, give him a break, so he can rest. One step at a time, and soon you’ll have him ready by year 1 to go on your long-distance runs with you.

How Do I Train My Golden Retriever To Run?

When your dog is a year old or over, and you’re ready to take him on long-distance runs, you should start preparing him for this by way of training him.

If you have never taken your retriever for a run, you should start really slow. Try a walk first, then you can advance to jogging with a leash on from the beginning. You can later loosen the leash when you start to run.

It is important to keep your dog by your side at all times, never in any other direction. Go at your retriever’s pace, so you’re not rushing him.

Teach your dog cues to let him know when to pick up speed from a walk to a jog to a run and make sure you have water with you all the time as your retriever will need to cool down after some time.

Take occasional breaks to allow your retriever friend to get in some oxygen and as well not get too tired.

How Fast Is A Golden Retriever As Compared To Other Animals?

Golden retrievers have an impressive speed, but there are other animals that run faster than them, while they also run faster than other animals. Take a look at the chart below to see how your golden retriever compares to other animals.

Golden Retriever35mph
House Cat30mph

When Is Running Bad For My Golden Retriever?

Generally, running is not bad at all for your golden retriever. Matter of fact, they love. It’s their nature. However, in a few cases of health complications such as in elderly dogs, owners should be extra cautious about how long they make their run given their tendency to develop joint pains (arthritis).

Also, elderly dogs with heart problems or even hip dysplasia should not be made to run, especially not long distances. And then, puppies not up to 1-year-old or over should not be taken on long-distance runs.

Final Words

Golden retrievers were naturally bred to run and can run up to 35 miles per hour, even more than the fastest human.

Yet, it is important to know the strengths of your retriever, so you do not overwork him. Knowing how far your retriever can go helps you know if you can keep up. They are also excellent swimmers.

You should take your retriever for a swim to see how he performs. It is important to wait till a year to 18 months before taking your retriever for a long-distance run. Until then, train your puppy one step at a time with walks and short distances jogs.

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