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How Fast Can A Beagle Run?


Don’t be surprised if your Beagle dog loves to run. With their cute body and big eyes, you may not expect them for their athleticism, but rather for cuddling.

Due to their peculiar abilities-originally bred as scent hounds, their athleticism shouldn’t come as a surprise. They are known for their high endurance, stamina, and top running abilities.

Beagles are great companions for owners who are athletically inclined, but due to their impulsive nature and fast-paced abilities, caring for them could come off the grid when they test their level of patience by running away.

If you are wondering how fast your Beagle can run and why they run, you would get the answers as you read on.

How Fast Can My Beagle Run?

With their athletic nature, Beagles can touch an incredible speed while running. Averagely, a Beagle running speed can hit up to 20 and 30 miles per hour.

However, there will be Beagles that would have a higher running speed than the average Beagle as this incredible running speed would depend on the size, gender, and health status.

Some factors affect the running speed of the Beagle, in case you are wondering.  These factors could be:

Paws: Paws affect the running speed of the Beagle. Regarding Beagles, they have a particular foot structure that encourages them to have a fast-paced speed during a race.

Their paws give them a strong hold on solid surfaces, which makes them quicken quickly during a race.

Shoulders: A Beagle’s shoulder is disconnected, which allows room for smooth and quicker running. However, any other breed of dog possesses a disconnected shoulder for fast-paced speed.

Respiratory and cardiovascular system: Beagles are not far from possessing a strong and healthy system. While running, their hearts can pump blood fast enough to keep them up in the game.

They can intake oxygen due to the better lung capacity and nostrils system they possess while running.

Why Do Beagles Run So Fast? 

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs. And with their unique sense of smell, they are naturally inclined to run faster compared to other dog breeds.

Averagely, a dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times sharper than a human, and they have fragrance glands that rise to roughly 180 to 200 million for a Beagle.

Humans just have up to 3 to 5 million fragrance glands.  With this peculiar ability regarding Beagles, one should understand why they run so fast.

Additionally, a Beagle would run after a particular scent once it tracks a smell, and this attitude would imply a lot of running.

Can Beagles Run Long Distances?

Questioning the fact that Beagles run long distances would solely depend on the dog you are bringing up. Because they are energetic, fast-paced, and quick to follow a scent, don’t expect them to be running marathons.

The majority of people hold onto the fact that Beagles are athletic and that inspires a lot of running, and they could reach significant distances.

Others also have their doubts. We could share this idea in the light that just as some Beagles are extraordinary and could run faster, other Beagles may not have this ability.

Beagles are sprinters, which means they can run very fast at short distances. However, they don’t have the stamina to run a significant distance. Therefore, how do you differentiate a short distance for your Beagle?

Just as it is stated early on, some Beagles are extraordinary and others are not. Beagles usually run up to 3 miles before they become weary. However, this depends on the dog. Others can reach up to 4 miles, while others can handle 1 to 2 miles.


Due to the hunting abilities Beagles possess, they love to run fast as they get going than the average dog.

Owners should be prepared if their Beagles run away without any warning. Frequently, take your Beagle for a short run, since they love running.

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