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Costume Ideas For Labradors


It is best to dress up your Labrador when you are getting nearer to a special occasion or festive season. This practice has become a tradition where you dress your Labrador in a spooky way to walk around the town.

In this article, you would know 10 ideas on how to dress your Labrador.

Costume Ideas For Labradors

Below are some costume ideas for your Labrador puppy;

Formal wear:

You could dress your Labrador in formal wear when it is full of rambunctious energy, both inside and outside the home. It would be a nice idea when you try this feature during the Halloween season by dressing your Labrador in a formal tuxedo for the spooky occasion.

The costume is made up of a tux and a necktie and both parts have a hook and loop closure, so it would be easy to slip your Labrador into it.


You would choose this costume (Batwing) for your Labrador if you are into classics. The Bat wings come 23.6 inches long so that would fit a fully mature Labrador. The costume comes with a loop and a hook so it will be easy to put your Labrador into it.


You would select a lion costume for your Labrador if he likes to act mighty. This custom is very simple for a Labrador. Your Labrador’s head would be secured with the mane and your dog would look more feline with the faux ears.

Wonder Woman:

If you want your Labrador to put on this consume then it is a great idea, you might just want to change the name from Wonder Woman to Wonder Dog.

This costume is suitable for female Labradors and the costume comes with a sleeveless red tank top with the Wonder Woman logo, a good belt, and a loose-fitting blue skirt with white stars throughout. A gold tiara completes the look.

Monarch butterfly:

Everyone is going to turn around and look at you and your Labrador when you dress your Labrador in the monarch butterfly costume.

The costume is a polyester that comes with bright orange wings with extra features such as stripes and polka dots. The monarch butterfly comes with 19 inches long and they are secured via stretchy straps.

Delivery driver:

If your Labrador has issues or problems with any male person they come across, then it is a great idea to let them face their fears by letting them dress in the delivery driver costume. The costume is a two-piece set that comes with the postman’s hat.


If your Labrador loves to be a superhero, then dress him up in the Batman costume during the festive season.

Imagine your Labrador being The Dark Knight himself in the costume designed by Rubie.

The costume is made up of a short-sleeved grey shirt with a black trim that matches the classic Batman suit.

You would see a yellow and black emblem at the center of the costume. The Cape is black on the outside as usual and blue on the inside and it is detachable from the inside.


Does your Labrador get excited while watching the minions? If he does, then it is best to dress your Labrador in the minion costume.

This costume is also made by Rubie’s costume and it is officially licensed by the canines. The custom is designed in the blue overalls of the millions as well as the yellow under skirts. Also, the costume is a pullover style for easy wear.


Let your Labrador have a look at what he loves to eat. The pizza costume is designed in a jumpsuit that features a large slice of pizza with all office attachments.


If your Labrador is very sweet and adorable, then this costume is the best choice for Labrador. It is made up of polyester and the costume would make any dog feel festive. It is a one-piece costume that would be easy for your Labrador to put on.

The costume comes with pink icing ruffles, a brown cupcake base, and a white collar complete with sprinkles and your Labrador would put on a mini plush cupcake hat to complete with a cherry on top.


It is admirable to let your dog feel what the festive season feels like. Just as humans enjoy the festive season so would your pet. With these ideas in mind, you could dress up your Labrador for any occasion.

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