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8 Best Foods For Beagles


Beagles are healthy breeds, but they can be prone to health issues and obesity if proper care diet is not ensured. They can be under-fed too if you don’t have a feeding schedule. It is easy for a beagle to become overweight if you overfeed it.

Allergies and other health issues are not far from beagles if they don’t have the right volume of calories in their foods and lack of balance diet.

You should know that a beagle’s life expectancy could be altered if they have a poor diet and vice versa. To ensure healthy growth, you should know the best kind of foods for your beagle.

Best Foods For Beagles

Some of the best foods for your beagle are detailed below.

1. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food:

This food contains the five most important ingredients. They are; beef, cooked lentils, beef liver, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

The farmer’s dog fresh dog food is considered the best dog food among the rest. The food contains the right ingredients for your beagle.

The reason why you should consider getting your beagle this food is that it was created by vets, so you know you are not giving just ordinary food to your beagle. Unlike regular foods, which contain a lot of preservatives that can cause harm to your beagle.

The farmer’s dog fresh dog food contains high-quality ingredients and 721 calories. Because of this and other key factors, they are a bit higher in price than the others.

2. Purina One Smart Blend:

This food is considered the best value for your dogs because it has 320 calories and there are other value-added ingredients which are rice flour, turkey, soybean meal, and corn glutton meal.

It is the best option for your beagle because it contains lesser fat and calories. The Purina One Smart Blend is a high in protein formula, so imagine the best health status it could put your beagle on.

The food contains antioxidants that would support the immune system of your beagle as they grow old and healthier. Vitamins A and E could also be found in dog food, which is good for the eyes and joints.

3. Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Dry Dog Food:

This could be a top choice for your beagle since it contains nutritious and tasty ingredients. The protein formula in the food is derived from a high-quality animal source.

It contains 394 calories. Lamb, whole spelled, whole oats, dried whole eggs, and dehydrated lamb are the top five ingredients contained in the food. This food contains high-quality ingredients and your beagle would love it, and it is palatable for picky eaters.

4. Purina Pro Plan Puppy:

Puppies in general need enough protein foods than adults because they have sensitive stomachs and are prone to getting stomach upsets. Purina Pro Plan Puppy was made just for them. The formula contains 428 calories, which are good for a growing puppy.

The food contains ingredients such as rice, barley, fish meal, canola meal, and salmon which are the best for your beagle puppy. Besides, this formula isn’t just for the digestive tract, but it is also good for your puppy’s skin. There are omega fatty acids that support brain vision and development.

5. Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet:

Your beagle will not develop allergies if this formula is given to him. It is another top choice for your beagle because it meets your dog’s needs.

The formula contains 384 calories and the ingredients involved are salmon meal, brown rice, oatmeal, barley, and deboned salmon which are the perfect option for your beagle. We all know that salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which would support healthy skin due to its health benefits.

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon:

This particular formula is rich in high-protein ingredients that are suitable for your active beagle. It contains 34% protein, unlike other dog foods. You require this kind of formula if your beagle is less active.

However, too much protein for your dog could cause health issues.  It contains 415 calories and five ingredients which are deboned salmon, chicken meal, peas, pea protein, and menhaden fish meal. The formula contains a high volume of fatty acids that would support the skin and immune system of your beagle.

7. Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient:

This food choice is best for beagles that have allergies and sensitive stomachs. The formula contains turkey, sunflower oil, turkey meal, chickpeas, and peas. It is obvious to note that this formula is chicken and dairy free.

The only source of animal protein is turkey and the turkey meal it contains. Turkey contains essential vitamins and minerals which are riboflavin, phosphorus, and selenium.

If you want your beagle to go under weight management, then this is the best option, and this formula contains 394 calories. A perfect formula for both young and active beagles.

8. American Journey:

The formula contains nutritious and tasty fruits and vegetables including carrots, cranberries, and blueberries. Giving this to your beagle would put him on the American journey.

Dog food contains high-quality ingredients that are ideal for your beagle. However, consider giving your beagle this food if it is picky because the recipe has various slices of meat involved in it.


There is a lot of dog food on the market, but the ones listed above are considered the best among others. However, understand your beagle’s eating habits and get the best formula for it.

If you want your beagle to grow healthy and strong, don’t think about your wallet. Invest in its diet if you are up for the task.

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